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CW Amarillo News Is Getting Ready For 2014
Local Cover Story: Looking back to some of 2013 news headliners local, national, world, and the celebs who left us this year all this week!
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Current Conditions!
Dec 28
11:53 am
Fair. Click for additional data and forecast.
Mostly Cloudy & Windy
Updated By Chief Meteorologist Shane Mullins At 12:30pm On 12-29-13
CW cast For The High Plains

Tonight-Thanks to the strong cold front that visited us on Sunday will bring us very cold temperatures for Monday morning but thankfully lighter winds. Skies will start to clear around sunset which will lead us to Mostly clear skies and very chilly conditions as lows will crater into the middle to upper teens. The wind will blow out of the northwest at speeds of 5-15 MPH. 

Monday: As we head back to work on your last Monday of 2013 highs will rebound back into the upper 40s to near 50 about where we should be for late December. Under a mostly sunny sky. Winds will blow from the southwest which will help in the warming trend at speeds of 5-15 MPH.
Tomorrow Night- Mostly clear skies will be with us on Monday night along with cold conditions as we start Tuesday morning as lows drop down into the lower 20s with a northwest wind shifting to the west at 5-10 MPH after Midnight.
Tuesday (New Year's Eve)-As we say goodbye to 2013 and get ready to ring in 2014. The weather should play along nicely under a mostly sunny sky high temperatures will boost back  into the upper 50s to lower 60s under a mostly sunny sky. The wind will actually behave itself blowing on average of 10-20 MPH out of the southwest.
Wednesday New Year's Day-Next Sunday-Its time to say goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014 can you believe it.
For your first day of 2014 it will be SLIGHTLY cooler as highs will tick back down into the lower 50s which is again where we should be this time of year. Under a mostly Sunny Sky.
Thursday-Next Sunday As the kiddos head back to school after the Christmas break we will still see nice conditions for the first few days of 2014 under a mostly sunny sky high temperatures will mainly be into the 50s.


CW Amarillo 11 Sports:
Were looking back at all the sports from 2013 from the local sports news including the firing of WTAMU former head football coach Don Carthel to Cowboys QB Tony Romo's back ending season injury. 
CW Amarillo Sports With:
Nathan Kratochvil: Sports Director
Cory Mangum: Weekend Sports Anchor/Reporter
Adrian Martinez: Sports Anchor/ Reporter

CW Amarillo News Team
Joseph Pugh-Head Anchor News 11 Evening Report and Mananging Editor Of News 11
Maddisun Fowler-News 11 Evening Anchor/Executive Producer
Luz Garcia-News 11 Weekend Report Anchor/Senior Reporter/Director
Lauren Cooprider-Health Reporter
Stevie Terry-CW Amarillo 11 News Director. Stevie like Shane has been with CW Amarillo since its start in 1995. She is the panhandle's news's longest serving news director making CW Amarillo news the longest # 1 hour newscast for almost 20 years straight. When Stevie is not working she is at home with her husband and her almost 2 year old son.
Weather Team:
Shane Mullins-Chief Meterologist Shane Joined The CW Amarillo Team When It Was KDBA Amarillo, TX In February 1995 & Has Been Chief Meterologist Ever Since. He loves forecasting the ever changing weather of the high plains. Shane is married and when he is not forecasting the weather he likes to hangout with his wife and family.
Vincent Canava-Vincent joined the KDCW Weather Team in The Winter of 1997 And Has Been The Weekend Meterologist Ever Since. As of late 2013 Vincent has gotten engaged
Robert Mason-Morning Meteorlogist Robert Joined The CW Amarillo Weather Team In Spring 2005.
 Robert is now married and has 2 sons that keep him on his toes all day.
CW Amarillo Sports Team:
Nathan Kradavil-Sports Director Nathan Joined CW Amarillo In 1999 Orginally As A Camera Man Then Joined The Sports Department & Began The Sports Director Duties In May Of 2000.
Cory Mangum-Weekend Sports Anchor/Reporter Cory Joined CW Amarillo As A News Anchor In 1998 Then The Weather Department In 2000 & Finally Landed In The Sports Department In 2002.
Adrian Martinez-Fill In Sports Anchor/Reporter Adrian Joined CW Amarillo Sports In The Summer Of 2007.

CW Amarillo 11 Weather Team: Where The Weather Comes First!
Shane Mullins-Chief Meteorologist
Vincent Canava-Weekend Meterologist
Robert Mason-Morning Meteorologist

CW Amarillo The Only # 1 1-Hour Newscast In The Panhandle!

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